Tuesdays with Morrie


Tuesdays with Morrie is a memoir written by Mitch Albom and follows his final meetings with his dying college professor. Put simply, it is amazing.

The book is not particularly long, yet it contains so much love and wisdom. I fell in love with it when I first started reading, just because of the narration. It felt like an old friend was telling me his story. The mindset of Morrie as he faces his final months explains why this book has taken the world by storms.

Mitch and Morrie spend their last hours together discussing various important topics, such as family, work and forgiveness. While this book wraps you close in its arms, it can also zap you with a bit of existential angst. Am I living the way I want? Am I prioritizing those who matter?

This book allows you to take on the realization that you will die, and makes you think, just for a while, of what you want to do fill your life with until then.

In this day of strict calendars and achievement competitions, it is definitely a book I would recommend. To anyone.


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